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We are a team of tech enabled recruiters who do our best to keep our focus on the human elements of recruitment. We aspire to shun transactional behaviours, we value long-term thinking, and we urge ourselves to consider multiple perspectives whenever we make a decision, big or small.
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Meet Our Team
Archit Bhise
Bio: Archit Bhise
Archit believes in building companies with mission-driven objectives. He founded Wellframe, an enterprise healthcare AI company to changes patients lives and now Khonvo, to enable recruiters to live their best life. He studied at Harvard and MIT.
Shirley Erasmus
Bio: Shirley Erasmus
Shirley is a writer at Khonvo. She graduated from Rhodes University with a Master's Degree in 2016. She focuses on sourcing highly qualified technical candidates and engages them with thoughtful personalization.
Anirudh Nimmagadda
Bio: Anirudh Nimmagadda
Anirudh is an ex-data analyst that switched over to programming when he found it much more fun. He is eager to build tools that will allow recruiters to spend less time on busywork, and more time on what they enjoy - interacting with clients and candidates.
Fergus O'Brien
Bio: Fergus O'Brien
Fergus is passionate about the natural world, low-impact living and nurturing/mentoring individuals of value. He hopes that these diverse interests prove to be symbiotic, relevant and meaningful within a recruitment context.
Nurazhani Raof
Bio: Nurazhani Raof
Nurazhani holds a PhD in Nanoscale science & engineering, and focuses on technical recruiting. She enjoys pinpointing and engaging the best talent for a portfolio of fintech/blockchain clients.
Andrew Rising
Bio: Andrew Rising
Andrew started Khonvo to change the narrative around recruiting. Having built engineering teams at Google, Addepar, and the Redpoint Ventures portfolio, he realized there’s a way to leverage technology to provide a better experience for recruiter, candidate, and company alike.
Chris Samuel
Bio: Chris Samuel
Chris started his recruiting career in food-service under direction from founders of one of the first 50 executive contingency search firms. A graduate of the University of Arkansas near Walmart headquarters he has recruited directly for key Walmart suppliers such as Nestle, Bristol Meyers, Gillette, Clorox, Colgate, Pharmavite, Conagra Brands, Wells-Dairy, Sara Lee, and Miracle Recreation. Chris embraces the balance of using state of the art technology with traditional recruiting methods while acting as a key adviser to the client.